An inquiry submission form is a great first step in determining if Harp & Soul is a good fit for your event, celebration or wedding. Once reviewed, we will reach out with a brochure that is appropriate based on your request and offer a follow-up call to chat through any questions you may have. You are then able to select the package that best fits your needs and a proposal is delivered to secure the date. Once the contract is signed and the initial payment remitted, we begin the planning process. From brochure to performance, we house each client project in their own personalized workspace within our HoneyBook platform. This convenient feature allows clients and their planning teams to conveniently access all associated communications, files and other elements in one easily accessible space.

We start with the details for your wedding or event

Ready to book?

Absolutely! In fact, catering to our client's special requests is one of our favorite parts of the collaborative, creative process. We love being able to make someone's vision come to light by learning their favorite music. So long as music is available in notated print form, we include 2-3 special requests at no additional charge in all our packages. 

Do you take special requests?

Harp & Soul's repertoire is not restricted by genres typical to historically classical instruments. Our musicians love playing repertoire from diverse genres including pop music, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Soundtracks, Contemporary, Jazz and more. While our repertoire is extensive, we are always learning new music, so there's a good chance your special request may already be a part of our standard repertoire.

What kind of music do you perform?

Many of our clients enjoy throwing outdoor events, galas and weddings. So long as the weather conditions are not too hot (more than 90 degrees) or too cold (less than 45 degrees) and as long as the weather conditions are favorable, we are happy to accommodate outdoor requests. Musical instruments are a large investment (think the cost of a brand-new car in many cases) and the elements are not always favorable. We encourage all our clients to have a suitable indoor backup plan so we can pivot indoors should the weather prove to be uncooperative.

Do musicians perform outdoors?

We offer a range of packages from solo instrumentalist to small ensembles. Starting packages provide up to an hour of music, but some packages can provide up to 3 or 4 hours of coverage so long as there are scheduled breaks for the musician(s).

How long do musicians perform for?

Investments vary based on instrumentation, coverage time and other factors unique to each situation. Our minimum starting investment is $1000

How much is the starting investment?


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A beautiful, bespoke performance brought our ceremony vision to life!
Nichole is an incredible musical talent and all around pleasure to work with. We knew right away we found someone that was passionate about their product and clients. Her musical selections were curated for our personal preferences. On our wedding day & after, we received so many compliments about Nichole (& her duet partner) - I highly recommend booking Nichole for your wedding, 

Beth B. (Mother of the Bride)

Pure magic
If you want to bring your event to the next level I highly recommend Harp & Soul. Harp & Soul is top notch in the entire client experience from start to finish ❣️❣️ They made my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding so romantic, lovely and just pure magic ❣️❣️

Amanda & Jesse

Words can’t describe!
Nichole was the PERFECT choice for our wedding! People are still talking about it!! She was a delight to work with. Very thorough planning process. She even learned a special song for us- Jesse’s girl! Who knew you could do Rick Springfield on the harp.



Select dates remaining in 2024 and books opened for the first half of 2025. Ask about our waitlist for dates that have not yet opened up



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